Photoshoot - February 2018 for NWAFW

First of all, I have to brag on my photoshoot team: Justin Palmer, Mandy Babyar, Cambree Evans, Lauren Walker, Jordan Evans and Lauren Hall for being the most easy going, soothing, uplifting and legit crew a frazzled designer could ask for. In the wake of things not always going according to plan, you all helped me keep my head and turn my hard work in to a dreamy experience and I cannot thank you all enough!

With this being my first photoshoot ever, I decided to keep it relatively small and quick, with only 4 looks and 2 locations. We started at the Ravington (which is an absolutely beautiful venue and the staff were great to work with) followed by the parking area/outside of Crystal Bridges. Both had their own positives and assets as the back drop to my garments, one being purely architectural and the other for a certain mood, and all the photos turn out as equally as beautiful! 


And if these aren't enough to wet your appetite, be sure to hop on over to my updated look book for some more stunning shots, or better yet, come attend the NWAFW Show on March 30th! 

Alyssa Graves