How Do I Order A Custom Garment?

If you go to our SHOP page, you will click on and purchase a design consultation. This design consultation will be a video call where we discuss what type of garment you are wanting, pricing, and the overall details of what you are wanting in a garment. We then design the garment that was described and submit it to you. If you decide to proceed with the design to completion, the design consultation fee is taken off your total order of your garment. We will then begin the process of fabric sourcing, various fittings, finalizing designs and creating your one of a kind creation.

How Much Do Your Garments Cost?

Garments range in cost, due to complexity of design, techniques, fabrics, etc. In order to get a quote, you must complete a design consultation to see what the over all cost would be. On average, the simplest dress could be $200 but most true special occasion garments start at $1,500.

What Are The Benefits of Ordering A Custom Garment?


There are MANY! Not only do you get to help design the garment of your dreams but it’s made exactly to your measurements, which means you don’t have to have additional alterations (which a lot of times can cost $200-$400 for bridal and special occasion garments). You get one on one time with the designer, have multiple fittings for the perfect fit, add small details that make it unique and best of all, you are treated like the valuable

Do You Have Items Pre-Made?

We only have a few pre-made items and they are typically our sample items that we use for fashion shows and photoshoots. However, all of them are meant to be made to your measurements and can be custom ordered. Please see our shop for our current pre-designed inventory. We are hoping to roll out more off the rack items in the near future so stay tuned for more info.